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oh to be back. [Thursday May 2005|11:15am]

i sort of need to get away.
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[Sunday Nov 2004|10:56am]

"insult her. if she's a tramp, she'll get angry. if she's a lady, she'll smile."
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i am this bored. [Saturday Aug 2004|17:38pm]
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[Sunday Jul 2004|21:19pm]
there's no rest for the self righteous.
hindrance or half-truths. what's your story?
words, words, words.
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knowing how the world works [Sunday Jun 2004|1:59am]
there is something about digital photography that somehow almost always makes you look like some sort of genius.


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[Tuesday Jun 2004|20:02pm]

my roommate's scanner is dusty and sucks.
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[Tuesday May 2004|11:17am]

no can do.
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he was a sk8r boi! [Monday Apr 2004|2:37am]
instead of doing the studying i ought, i've been delving myself deep into the world of current pop-punk. i've sat through grainy mpegs of avril, finch, something corporate, analyzing each chord progression, studying each band member's flawless face.

i never realized how catchy finch was.
i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you sooo....
how emotional. how melodic. how deftly moving.

i never realized how carefree and rebellious avril lavigne was. what a role model- be a cool, tough girl, and you'll get to hang out with punk skater boys who allow you to tag along with them to the mall.

as the proverbial cherry to top the night's pop punk confection, i'm listening to taking back sunday, specifically the song "you're so last summer," containing that memorable gem of a lyric, "and the truth is, you could slit my throat, and with one last gasping breath, i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt."

how profound!

how i should be sleeping!

this is the most pointless post ever! worse than the atkins diet ad [refer to last entry]!

i think have become too lazy to write. you know.. "write." i'm too lazy to elaborate. i don't care to put in the effort to describe something in adjectives other than "ridiculous" or "insane."

whatever. i'm not the english major here.
tomorrow, we get to see deep throat. who's jealous? yeah, that's you. denial isn't just a river in egypt.
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queef [Monday Mar 2004|3:15am]
back at school.

i saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind last night. though i liked it, i had to run out mid-film because of two reasons: a) my horrid seat in the third row, neck tilted back perhaps 45 degrees, and b) the vomit-enducing handheld work, the effects of which were intensified by the aforementioned horrid seat.

anyway, i have vomit anxiety, apparently. i could not bring myself to throw up though my body desperately wanted to, because just as i ran into the restroom, a dozen or so women decided that that was the exact moment they needed to be there too. gah!

what i liked about the film, though, was the way everything came together in the end. by this, i don't mean happy endings, but how each little detail's relevance was revealed, how each character's part was significant, etc. besides the handheld work [i am sort of biased against extensive use] i liked it very much.

yesterday, i also went out to the beach and took pictures. i'd been itching to get rid of the color roll and move on to c-41, so i took sal with me on a venture around san diego that began at ocean beach and ended at soma, where i dropped him off. we ate tortillas and made racist jokes, found random polaroid pictures, and had a grand old time.

my first class is in approximately 9 hours. am i excited? and how!

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[Friday Mar 2004|3:51am]
my rug is completely saturated. when i step on it, moisture seeps out not unlike sand at the very edge of a beach. the atmosphere, however, is far from beachy: i am in my dorm room, it smells like some sort of unidentifiable food, and our fridge is open and dripping melting ice into an already drenched towel.

already, i do not like where this is going.

i suspect that, in over a week's time when i return, the room will have accummulated a substantial amount of mold. i am scared because more than likely, said mold will settle in my little corner of the room.

side note to self: i must return this stolen lounge couch back to the study room.

i am to leave for home in a couple hours, and i am excited. it's a pretty bad idea though, driving home on almost zero hours of sleep, after having written a paper and worked and taken a final and whatnot... in fact, it's a horrible idea. i haven't been asleep in 12 hours, and i plan on being awake for at least 12 more.

speaking of being awake. i should have been earlier today to study for my geography final, but alas.. i slept in until an hour before. an hour? it doesn't seem so bad, and really, it shouldn't have been. but then again, i should have also studied.


i'm rambling. again.

the only thing saddening me about my early leave is the possibility of not being able to retrieve my mail. i am expecting the following:
chungking express
straw dogs
my own private idaho
mon oncle
in the mood for love
the royal tenenbaums

and so on and so forth. it's been a busy week, in ebay terms.

the only thing keeping me from leaving rightnowatthisveryminute is this damned paper. i'm too lazy to write it. most of my things are packed and sitting, waiting to go. i have only to load my van, purchase gas and no-doz, and clumsily drive away into the sunrise, but no! my final paper has yet to be completed.

sidetrack: college fuck fest. i've been investigating this company as of late, and my verdict is this- i do not like it. the pornography is cheesy and raucous, cliche, and the people in it are pathetic. i am not sure whom i hate more: the sorority sisters who scream "YEAH, FUCK MY ASSHOLE!" in whiny, high-pitched voices in order to play to the camera, or the perverted womanizer fucktards who leave bruises on women's asses and shoot cum loads into their eyes without exchanging so much as a name.

i don't know, maybe i'm just conservative.

side note to self: take a shower.

i guess now is the point at which i sign off, write my paper, take aforementioned shower, fiddle about in my room, move couch back to the lounge, pack, buy stimulants, drive and/or pass out.

f0 sh0.
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